Oh fellow corporate world citizens, I bid you greetings! 😀

Had a fun week so far? I truly hope so. Whatever work you do has to be fun in order to live a joyful and healthy life.


Most of my colleagues in the clinical world may not understand to the fullest extent this topic that we will be discussing today. I have been part of both worlds and can confidently make this statement. 😎


Bosses are different. Some are tough because of the job and their single minded focus on getting results while others are tough because they are just mean, personality wise. Regardless of the reason, as the supervised, you must make adjustments. If you do not, you’ll be in and out of the consulting room and keep popping pills like tic-tac sweets.


(uhm…does your boss look like this to you?) 😂

Maintaining good health is not a passive venture. You MUST choose to be happy. You MUST choose to let the harsh comments/insults pass you by. Take the education from it and let go of the rest. You MUST never forget that whatever happens to you is YOUR responsibility. Nobody can share that with you.

So what are the simple things we can do to maintain our sanity under tough work conditions:


Classify Your Tasks Properly: Not every task is urgent or important. Drawing your scale of preference and identifying the most important and urgent will improve your efficiency and productivity. This way, you avoid those ear-drum splitting shouts and shrieks that can leave you with tinnitus for days! 😂

Get Your Deliverables Done On Time: Sustained palpitations and increased heart rate because you are always behind on some assignment or the other is bad for your heart.

Get Rest & Sleep: You cannot do everything in one day. You ain’t superman you know…unless you have discovered some way to stretch 24 hour days to 36 hour days🤔 . Kindly share with us in the comment section if you have discovered some way. 😜

Drink Lots Of Water: For those of us out there who can drink soda (soft drinks) for olympics, kindly desist at once! Put a bottle of water on your desk and take a few sips every hour or so. By the end of the day, you’d find out that you’ve taken your quota for the day without conscious effort. Dehydration is bad for you and truth is, we tend to forget to drink when at work.

Pipe Down On Junk Food: I know the feeling. You are so busy that you don’t have time to organize sensible food for yourself. Well, I tell you right now, MAKE THE TIME! If you cannot make time out for such an important need, how would you make time out for the other important things in your life? If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect to let your love and light overflow into your work and other people?


To be honest, I cannot claim to have had all this down pat. However, that’s the whole point in life. We live, we learn and then pass on what we have learnt to others.

There are many other factors not stated in this article. We cannot put everything together in one post. However, over the next few weeks, we will touch on all those little bits and things we can do to stay healthy and happy.


So, people, you have a choice today. It is up to you. Choose to be productive and happy regardless of what is happening around you OR choose to be angry, sad and miserable. Never forget that those you are bitter against are making themselves happy, oblivious to the fact that you are seething inside. They go home to their families and forget you. Choose to be wise TODAY.

Stay tuned in to our blog. We have another hot topic coming your way soon. Bye!


If you have any comments or contributions on today’s topic, be quick to send me a mail at feedback@healthcare-ng.com I will be glad to read from you and answer all your questions.

Author: Dr. Lola Odubitan, MBBS


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