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Today’s topic is going to be sweet and informative. I say sweet because it’s going to be music to your ears (great music, not the kind that makes you want to glue your ears shut 😜)

We all can identify with this. Generalised aches and pains are usually the first signs that something is up. You know, God created in us a means to know when something is wrong: Pain. Causative agents are either internal or external. Because you would need to defer to your doctor on the internal factors, we’ll touch here only on the external ones.

I’ll start with a personal example of a seemingly innocuous incident that gave me pain within a short while. I usually wear shoes when I drive to bridge the small (really small) distance between the heel of my foot and the floor. The day I drove without appropriate footwear, I had pains shooting up the back of my legs. This was because I had transferred the weight of my lower limb to the muscles in my foot and leg, instead of letting gravity do the work by resting my heel on the floor.

Sounds technical right? Don’t worry about all the English 😀 Suffice to say, I was in an uncomfortable position and wasn’t conscious of it until I set my mind to discovering what I had done to myself.This is the same I have seen in my patients. Asides organic causes of pains which are not the thrust of today’s discussion (e.g arthritis, malaria, vertebral spondylosis, pregnancy, other diseases etc), a lot of the time, there’s that little thing you are doing that is causing your muscles to feel strained. The inevitable result is pain whose origins you simply can’t pinpoint.

Sometimes it’s:

That uncomfortable pillow that either needs to be thrown out or supplemented with an assistant

(I know this isn’t how your bed looks right now but we can still dream) 😁


That chair at work that is enough to make you not want to get out of bed in the morning. Get a small pillow please or better still, put on a charming smile and ask HR/Admin for a new one.



The high heeled shoes……ladies….don’t get me started on this one. If I start my rant, I probably would need a 50 page book to get it out of my system. Not everyone is Lady Gaga! High heeled shoes are not a must! You can be beautiful without gadgets (yes, ridiculous heels are gadgets to me. So sue me). Beauty does NOT have to be pain! Give it some decades; back pain, waist pain, knee pain, yam-shaped legs will be your close buddies. 😈


(Okay, okay, not that far)


This one is more like it:


The uncomfortable bra that’s pretty attractive (HOT, more like 😉) but is going to give your shoulders, chest, upper back and your nether regions HELL!



Your refusal to sleep 6-8 hours per night…at least.

Do I even need to go further on this list of uncomfortable positions we bend ourselves into for inadequate reasons?🤔

The point here is simple. We need to be more conscious of our body, take note of what we are doing and how we handle it. I have to endlessly remind a close family member of mine to ensure that he is comfortable at all times. He simply doesn’t think about it. Same goes for many of us.

Another upside of paying attention is that you can give intelligent answers to your doctor when you eventually have a need for a doctor’s visit. 😉😉


Like we chose to choose happiness in the last post, let’s choose today to stop torturing our bodies and simply live as God planned originally: like Adam & Eve…….I have only one request….

Don’t tell anybody that Dr Lola told you to traipse around town without “suitable coverings”. LOL! 😂😎😋

See y’all next time!

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Author: Dr. Lola Odubitan, MBBS