Hi guys. It’s that time of the year when we take time out to remind ourselves of our responsibilities to one another.

Suicide is not a topic undertaken lightly. Now we have 10-12 year olds giving up on life that they haven’t even really started to live. These stories are truly heartbreaking. First thing that always comes to my mind is, “what was that really terrible thing that happened, making suicide even a potential management plan?”

I have learned something. What seems perfectly rational to one person is perfectly irrational to the next. Depression follows neither laws of arithmetics, geometry, trigonometry nor principles of physics or chemistry.

The sooner we put aside what we feel is or isn’t rational, the sooner we will be able to chart a way forward to help those who are depressed and having suicidal tendencies.

It’s simple. Any one contemplating ending it all has obviously given up on whatever solutions there might be to his/her problems and has given up the fight altogether. Trials and tribulations will always come. How we each respond to them is what marks the difference. Yes, some have it tougher than others but sitting in the mud and bawling your eyes out about how unfair the world is will NOT change your situation.

I always go on and on about how happiness in life is a choice and believe me, I paid the school fees in full just to learn it. I’ve hit rock bottom points in my own life, times when depression was my sleeping buddy. It was always just easier to sit in my dark corner rocking myself back and forth, resenting anyone who attempted to draw me out. At that time, I marvelled at how much tears the human body is capable of producing. Lol.

Well, I got through it…eventually, as you can tell.

My Message For The Better Balanced People Out There:

It’s easy to sit at home and condemn those who feel that suicide is a way out. They do not deserve our scorn. They deserve our empathy and loving hand of fellowship. Not every depressed person is gloomy all the time. There are those who hide their deep pain with smiles and joviality. The meaning of this is simple: be more attentive to those around you and be willing to take those few extra minutes to listen. It isn’t always true that a problem shared is one half solved but it could be a quarter, or a third, or even three quarters 😃. Sometimes, a listening, sympathetic and Non-Judgmental  ear is all they need. Kindly oblige.


I hate a few things in life (yes, the word is hate). One of them is the “How are you?” question. 98% of the time, people don’t expect a real answer. Do something for us, will you? If you aren’t interested in hearing the answer, don’t ask it! 😷 Imagine how many lives we could save if we spice up our engagements with a little sincerity?


On the other hand though, I realize that sometimes the problem is that people are not empowered to catalyze the transition of a depressed person to equilibrium; but we can learn. Make the effort to understand people better. Read books, attend seminars, watch documentaries. Just arm yourself for the sake of others…and yours too, in the long run.

Gosh…there’s so much I want to say….maybe I’ll do a series on this.

Stay tuned guys. This discussion is not yet over. Much love!

If you have any comments or contributions on today’s topic, be quick to comment or send me a mail at feedback@healthcare-ng.com I will be glad to read from you and answer all your questions.

Author: Dr. Lola Odubitan, MBBS

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