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In our last post, we talked about how to determine one’s obesity status, causes and it’s attendant psycho-social effects on individuals of all age brackets.


On the one hand, we see obesity in strictly cosmetic terms, viz-a-viz how it makes you look in your eyes and those of others, those pretty dresses you can’t fit into or the beauty pageants you can’t enter for (except few and far-between competitions just for the plus-size category) and many others.


On the other hand, we forget that the condition of being obese has internal organ implications.

  1. Arteriosclerosis (blood vessels are affected)
  2. Heart disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Kidney disease
  5. Stroke
  6. Sleep Disorders (Snoring, difficulty breathing, leading to poor sleep) – This particular one is suffered most by those around you 😂 Thank God for ear plugs, muffs and calming music. LOL! Some people snore so vigorously that the bed vibrates!
  7. Subfertility
  8. Early onset osteoarthritis
  9. Poor nutrition



When you have excess fat, you give your brain a tough job. It’s like a warehouse that’s already full while there’s a truck load of goods outside waiting to be moved in. At that point, you artlessly start looking for extra spaces here and there, including utilization of the aisles, which are supposed to be paths to allow the workers move around.


So also it is with your body. After taking what it needs for basic metabolism (processes required to keep the body going), the fat starts piling up around your internal organs and in your blood vessels. The danger here is that when you clog your warehouse walk-ways, you impede movement. So, blood that’s meant to flow freely to supply body organs doesn’t arrive at the destination in the right quantity, at the right time.


Also, these deposits harden the walls of your blood vessels, causing them to lose their elasticity and ability to function optimally. This entire complication is what leads to colossally disastrous heart attack, stroke, kidney failure complications, conditions I’m sure you have already heard about.


It’s important to point out here, one very important thing. Being on the big side does not make you any less beautiful inside and out. Fear of what people think about how you look is an extremely potent paralysis agent. Life does not end, the earth will continue to rotate on it’s axis, the sun will still rise in the east and set in the west and the sky will remain exactly where it is. 🙄


As Beyonce put it, “pretty hurts”. It, however, does not need to. The sooner our minds acclimatize to the fact that measuring and making efforts to conform yourself to the world’s standards is akin to pouring water into a basket with crater-sized holes. There will never be an end. Do you doubt me? A simple 5-minute conversation with any psychologist will confirm this.


The power anybody has over you is exactly what you give them. Be content and comfortable in your skin. If it is not in a state that makes you greet the world with a smile every morning when you awake, then make up your mind and focus on improvement. Many books, articles, lectures, seminars and the works have talked about obesity from all angles. Sometimes, the methods work and at other times, they don’t based on several factors. One thing I know for certain: people are making huge bucks from selling cures for obesity 😎😉


Maybe I should go into that line of work. Hehehe 🤔


In our next post, we will go into exactly what measures we can take to bring our bodies to a healthier state of existence and achieve emotional and physical equilibrium. This next post will arm us with formidable weapons to WAGE WAR ON OBESITY.


Before we go, I have a question for you. What is your weight loss motivation? Is it because of how others see you or how you see yourself?

Do you want to lose weight because it’s bad for your health or because of the fear that others may snigger behind your back?


Like I said above, those chains and hang ups are self inflicted/imposed. Remember what I always say? A joyful & content life is a choice. Use it.


Our next post will be a declaration of war on obesity. GET READY!

See ya!

If you have any comments or contributions on today’s topic, be quick to comment or send me a mail at feedback@healthcare-ng.com I will be glad to read from you and answer all your questions.

Author: Dr. Lola Odubitan, MBBS


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