Even Superheroes Need Rest: Fatigue is Real

On to today’s topic of discussion, many think that rest is luxury and at that hardly make time for it. Let me shock you, there’s a condition called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Yes, it may not necessarily be caused by lack of rest, but it is a contributor, also sleeping and rest may not essentially make it better, but it is important. Depriving yourself of much needed rest over long periods of time can cause a nervous breakdown and expose one to many other health issues.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome also known as Myalgic encephalomyelitis is a condition marked by extreme exhaustion, irregular sleep patterns, pain, and other symptoms that worsen with activity, last well over six months and is most commonly found in women.

The exact cause of this condition is unknown but is believed to be as a result of a combination of factors and the following are possible causative factors:

  • Genetics: some people are born with higher chances of developing it
  • Infections
  • Physical and emotional trauma
  • The body’s inability to convert the fuel (fats and sugars) into energy

Signs and symptoms may include and not limited to:

  1. Overwhelming fatigue following mental or physical exertion.
    2. Memory or cognitive skills issues.
    3. Lightheadedness made worse by standing up after sitting or resting down.
    4. Joint or muscle soreness.
    5. Sleep that isn’t rejuvenating.

Other symptoms: headaches, sore throat, sensitivity to light, sound or even smell


There’s no medically approved treatment from Chronic fatigue but don’t hesitate to report any fatigue that doesn’t seem to go away as it could be a symptom of other conditions.

A person can benefit from doing the following:

  1. Muscle relaxation
  2. Therapies like yoga and stretching
  3. Practicing deep breathing exercises
  4. Stay healthy through eating the right foods
  5. Mapping out time to rest.
  6. Anti-depressants but consult with your doctor first


We all need rest regardless of what we do o where we work. Feeling continuously tired can and should be an issue of concern as it affects a whole lot of other aspects of our lives.

Not sure of how you’re feeling? Seek medical care and here at HCI Healthcare we have consultations as part of some of our packages, so reach out to us today.

Remember even superheroes need some rest.

Written By:
Rebecca Adeleke-Adesanmi, BSc. Nur., MA, Healthcare Mgt.
Health & Wellness Advocate.

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