Blood Donation Still Saves Lives!

Blood is the very essence of life.

Without blood organs like the heart, brain, kidneys and lungs wouldn’t function effectively.

Without blood cells in our bodies would die because of lack of oxygen.

Without blood major systems like the reproductive system of a woman is incomplete and that potentially means no babies/children.

Without blood, certain toxins wouldn’t have a channel to exit the body.

Without blood fighting off diseases and infections would be impossible because blood contains the soldiers that defend our bodies.

Think of it this way: You’re to make an important presentation in competition with other presenters from different countries in Africa at a world conference and as a result of this conference; you’d be able to acquire funds that would help people back in your home county. BUT you can only get there by flight (airplane). Now imagine if there were no available flights or the one you had booked got cancelled and you are unable to get to your conference destination and consequently the funding would be lost.

Oxygen and nutrients is the You that needs to travel, Blood is the means of transportation (flight), your home country are the different Organs that need and are going to benefit from the funding. Blood one of the important means of transportation that helps our bodies carry out day-to-day activities, now imagine the absence of it, or blood being in sufficient in the body, that could mean death.


Blood is a life saver!

According to WHO, globally around 118.54 million units of blood are donated and in 169 countries, around 13,300 blood centers report receiving 106 million donations overall yearly. Can you now see that blood is in high demand and an essential component to human survival, but even with these, sadly the supply is not sufficient to still meet the demand?


Did you know?

Blood is divided into different components

  • Plasma
  • Platelets
  • White and Red blood cells

They all have their functions, is separated and used depending on the need of the individual it’s required for.

Also did you know?

The body is made up of 4.5-5 Liters of blood and on average only 500mls is collected during a blood donation session. So don’t worry, you’re not going to be drained of blood when you donate, lol.

Still afraid?

Studies reveal that it takes 4-6 weeks for blood to be fully replenished after a donation, so donating blood doesn’t leave you with a shortage.

In celebration of World Blood Donor Day, we truly appreciate Blood Donors. They are the real MVPs. Thank you for sacrificing and helping to save others. It may not be easy considering the fact that some are afraid of needles, but you still brave it all.

Blood donors are not at a loss at all. There are some amazing benefits you get from donating blood and here they are:

  1. Free health screening: Before donating, you’d be screened and asked some questions in relation to your health to know if you’re enough and that would help you to be more health conscious.
  2. Potential health problems are revealed and reduced: In countries where precautionary exams are done, this can be very helpful so you can get treated where possible and donating blood reduces chances of heart attack.
  3. Gives your mental health a boost: It helps reduces stress and a sense of purpose and satisfaction because you’ve helped save a life.
  4. Improves blood circulation: It helps blood carry out its transport function effectively thereby making body cells healthier.
  5. Helps regulate blood pressure: Regular blood donation is linked to lowering blood pressure.
  6. Removing blood through donation which is also known as phlebotomy is the most method in treating those with excess iron stores. Yes, it’s possible to have excess blood!

Ultimately donating blood is your own contribution to the cause of humanity. Not everyone will occupy a prestigious position in society so they can help others, this could be your own little way.

Go ahead and be a blood today!

Need more clarification? Reach out to us at HCI Healthcare HMO and our seasoned professionals will be of great help.

Donate and save a LIFE.

Written By:
Rebecca Adeleke-Adesanmi, BSc. Nur., MA, Healthcare Mgt.
Health & Wellness Advocate.

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